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The making of the book

A Book Two Years in the Making

What you see today started as a feeling in our hearts. That feeling became a story, then some rough sketches, and then Pink and all her gummy friends started to come to life.

There's a Little Pink in All of Us

We all find ourselves in strange, scary places sometimes. People we’ve never met, journeys we’ve never taken. What Pink reminds us is that, in those moments, maybe it’s only scary until we let ourselves get to know what’s all around us.


Stuck has got to be one of the most adorable and heartfelt stories I’ve ever seen! The story of little Pink and her journey to self-love, acceptance and belonging appeals to all of us…young, old, and everyone in between! I love, love, love this little tale of a gum wall in SLO that has more meaning than one could ever imagine!

Glodean Champion
Author, Speaker, Leadership Coach

This charming story will help you see Bubblegum Alley in a whole new light, and its hopeful message makes us believe that downtown is for everyone — and there is a place for everyone downtown.

Bettina Swigger
CEO, Downtown SLO Association

What a wonderful book!!
So well designed and a great story :)

Polly Mertens
Life Coach and Hypnotherapist

Kid Tested, Mom Approved

Words by Doug Hales

Doug wrote all the words in this book! He lived in San Luis Obispo for 11 years. When Doug feels stuck, he goes for a walk and smiles at palm trees.

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Idea by Nisse Noble

Nisse had the idea for the story in this book! She has lived in San Luis Obispo for 16 years. When Nisse feels stuck, she reads a good book and plays with her dog, Ted.

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Pictures by Ariel Jansen

Ariel drew all the pictures in this book! She graduated from San Luis Obispo High. When Ariel feels stuck, she takes deep breaths and draws something cute.

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